Sunday, June 5, 2016

Vatican Intervenes in Institute of the Incarnate Word

We have confirmed that the Vatican plans to intervene in the IVE General Chapter (like a board or leadership meeting) this summer.  This means that the Vatican will be taking control and have final word on all proceedings and decisions.  Recent examples of this process include Vatican interventions in the Legion of Christ and the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.  

The intervention is an extreme step likely brought on by increasing turmoil inside the IVE -exemplified by the acceleration of of IVE priests leaving the group.  The turmoil and the exodus are the results of issues including but not limited to those shared on this site over the last three years.

This turmoil has led to the publication of many stories and documents that were previously kept secret by IVE leadership.  We share these below.  We will attempt to translate all Spanish documents and reports as time permits.  Until then, please use the Google Chrome browser (which translates automatically) or Google Translate. 

--> See here and here for more details on the Vatican intervention into the IVE.

--> Read here for detailed information and documents describing how IVE Founder Carlos Buela was forced to resign and sentenced to a monastery for "morally inappropriate behavior ... with several youths of the Institute." 

--> Read here for an internal account of Buela's abuse, resignation, and attempts to evade punishment over the last decade - which also sheds light what may have caused internal dissatisfaction to boil over.

--> Read here for a list of IVE Priests that have left.

In addition to the above links, over the last three years this site has been exposing the issues with the IVE & SSVM.  A summary of that information is linked below.   If you are wondering what this site is about go here


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