Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Watch Out Ireland!

Almost 6 years ago an Irish blogger celebrated the arrival of the IVE to a local parish with a post titled "Watch Out, Ireland!"

The unintended foresight in these words is outdone further down the page by a comment that is even more prescient:

Despite the usual, follow-up comments calling into question Mr Garcia's identity and virtue (which seem to be par for the course with IVE apologists), he was eventually proven to be absolutely, 100% correct for less than five years later the bishop had to ask the IVE to leave the parish and diocese.   

This is a good reminder that when we tell you about the IVE drop-out rate, the pain and the scandal they cause, and when we tell you about how poorly they treat others, there it is in a nutshell with the IVE experience in Ireland.  (Email us if you want more details on the Irish situation - we can't publish everything here.)

It's also a good reminder that, while you can ignore the messages on this blog, you'll eventually learn we are telling you the truth - even if it takes five years like it did in Ireland. 

Our simple message is this:  we've given you the tools to verify everything we have told you on this site.  If you choose to ignore these warnings, you do so at your own risk.  Unlike those who came before you and who did not have access to this information, you won't have ignorance as an excuse.

Oh, and Christophe, if you are out there, drop up us a mail.  

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