Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Purpose Of This Site Covering The Institute of The Incarnate Word - A Reminder

As a reminder, the purpose of this site is not to condemn the persons inside the IVE. Most of these men are well intentioned and trying to fulfill the Will of God in their lives.  In fact, it is for these men and those who might consider joining in the future that we started this site.  The issues and problems we point out here are not victimless.  People are seriously hurt.  People do lose their faith as a result.  Our purpose in this is to help those that are hurt and prevent further injury.  

The issue is that the IVE is going down a dangerous road than can, and most likely will end - some would say already is ending - badly. 

The Institute fails to police itself and many of its problems have become institutionalized, pardon the pun. When these issues were brought up inside Argentina, they left.  When these issues are now brought up from the inside they are ignored and those who bring them up are punished.  This is why the public exposure here in the US has become necessary.  Many are being hurt and there is no sign of change from inside.

We can draw from history and our own common sense to see that if an organization fails to police itself it will eventually be exposed by an outside source.  An example of this is the recent failure of some in the Church to take care of the abuse crisis.  This led to the secular media exposing it, resulting in those responsible finally being removed from their positions and preventative policies being put in place.  This also led to many grave scandals, unfair media reporting, and a stain on the reputation of the Mother Church that remains to this day.  It would have been better for all if those in charge had not taken the easy way out, but had corrected the problem themselves, before it morphed into a large public scandal.  

It is always better if matters are handled in house - the sooner the better. The IVE has failed to do this. We are trying to report in a manner that is as fair and objective as is possible, in the hopes of their correction on certain very important issues.  Issues that, when previously existing in other religious societies, have lead to individuals being hurt and scandal in the Church. 

(The above is only an example to show how those failing to correct their own errors will eventually have their errors made public - it is in no way to imply that there is abuse of a sexual nature occurring inside the IVE.  That is not what we have seen, nor do we state or imply that anywhere on this site.) 

The way the IVE tries to apply the Church's principles are often flawed, while they may deny, or minimize this, what they cannot deny, though they may try to minimize it, is that they do not follow their own constitutions, this is gravely problematic. Even though some would think these misunderstandings, ignoring Church law and certain aspects of their constitutions are small and unimportant, Aristotle, and later St. Thomas, explain “a small error in the beginning leads to a large error at the end.”  We are pointing to how these small errors are starting to cause large problems. 

This small errors have to led many, of those in-charge of formation, to exhibit arrogance, pride, a  sense of entitlement, elitism, and subjective following of the rules - Ecclesiastical and their own.  Like their US benefactor, retired Cardinal McCarrick, the IVE leadership and founder have also exhibited a very limited respect for Church authority.  Many of the priests are only following the formation they themselves were given, but this doesn't make the errors any less objectively grave.  These errors have all been seen before in other Religious communities and have led to grave scandals in the Church.  

The Church has had enough scandals and no one wants to see Christ's bride smeared again. We hope that those in power at the Institute will have the humility to amend their ways, fix the small errors in the beginning - which are leading to bigger problems, follow the rules of their own constitutions, and take care of those who have placed themselves in their charge. 

We are dealing with souls and eternal consequences, this is not a game, and they need to remember that.